Wanted: Yoga Pants and Stilettos

Wanted:  Yoga Pants and Stilettos


As I wrote my last blog Enough with stupid profiles – or not?  I passionately complained about men’s on-line profiles.   I compiled a list of the most annoying things I hear men say they “don’t want” or “do want.”   I challenged myself to write my own profile based on a compilation of that and  I posted my Tinder account with my new on-line profile:

God-fearing woman fluent in sarcasm.    People tell me I look a lot younger than my picture.  I look great in yoga pants and stilettos.  I’m looking to keep it simple.  No drama.   So let’s meet and see if there is any chemistry”. 

I also changed my profile picture to a sexy picture of me in sunglasses standing on a pier in California with a beach behind me.   Sunglasses to remain somewhat anonymous – god forbid someone I knew saw my new slutty profile.  Also, a majority of men  like to post pictures of themselves in sunglasses so I assume they must like that look.  

I stood back and waited.   

One week later, only a couple guys had emailed me.  The only responses were they liked the vision of the yoga pants and stilettos.  Otherwise, not one proposal!    I was surprised!   I was expecting an onslaught of guys who had found the women they described.  The girl who was reflecting back what they said they wanted.   Or do they?   Maybe they really want something more substantial than that.  I believe so.  I suspect that a man with my “fake” profile doesn’t attract any better response than I received.  At least, I want to believe that.

I could not take the masquerade any longer, and went back to my “pre-experiment” profile.

I’d rather be me any day of the week.   Love, Lucy