Enough with stupid profiles – or not?

pexels-photo-167838.jpegEnough with stupid profiles – or not?

There are days, like today, when I can get worn out in “Tinder-land.”  Tinder, is the Match.com of 2018.  It’s super easy to use.  You see a photo and you can like the person by swiping right or rejecting them by swiping left.

If you want to base your decision on more than the photo, you can click on “i” to get more information.  Don’t get your hopes up – the information, if they have even bothered, is often pretty skimpy.

Your profile is your “marketing piece.”  As such, you hope that what you post will attract suitors. This is not always the case with many men’s profiles — they are just superficial and stupid:  Here are some of the more common descriptors and my typical reaction:

Godly, God-fearing :   I get it – I’m Catholic – but it kinda scares me. Swipe Left

No Drama:  To my credit, I don’t know what that means – but what it tells me is that they have attracted drama.  Swipe Left

Let’s keep things simple:  You mean you want just sex….no relationship.  Swipe Left

Fluent in sarcasm:  Men seem to like sarcasm.  That’s because that’s how men treat men.  I can be sarcastic, but really hope for more in a relationship.  Unfortunately, if I’m not sarcastic or lead with a joke, then I get 86’d.  Ugh.  I gotta play this one.

Let’s meet and see if there is any chemistry:  No interpretation needed.  Swipe Left.

None of it worked for me looking for a man,  I swipe left every time, but what if I changed my profile  to write what seems to be important to a man?  Here’s how my ad might sound if I put it all together:

God-fearing woman fluent in sarcasm.    People tell me I look a lot younger than my picture.  I look great in yoga pants and stilettos.  I’m looking to keep it simple.  No drama.   So let’s meet and see if there is any chemistry”.

Let’s face it.  My inbox would be flooded with responses.  Maybe it’s time to think like a man.  I’m going to change my profile.

Let’s see what happens.